I am posting pictures of our confirmation service last month. We skyped in Fr. Black's son and family from Phoenix (who love the CEC). It is so amazing what you can do with so little. Yesterday in the daily reading (Acts) we read the wonderful story of Paul starting a relationship (life long) and a church (later very powerful one) on a river bank where women gathered (I'm sure to do their families laundry).
Fr. Black turns his living room (actually quite on the smaller size compared to western American ranch homes) into an amazing "Sacred space". He has been in rented places but finds he and the people are real comfortable (more like cozy) there. Eventually, God willing, he will have to move on but for now I am the first to admit, it is glorious.
We confirmed and received young and old, men and women and God was there in a powerful way. One reason became obvious; Fr. David Black had the people believing something great was going to happen. Where such faith is present, the power of the Living God resides. What you think He is not going to show, to proud. No it is us, His people who are called by His name who are often to proud. But not these folks! And I know God touched each of them in a very special way, just as promised. Oh, if we would just believe.
All the clergy of the West meet in council next week. Again, because we put down our agendas and followed Him, His Spirit and beckoned to the call, He will join us for sure. All of us will again be renewed, refreshed, encouraged and empowered.
His servant and yours,
+Bp. Doug

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