bpkesslerI know many of you are praying for my family and my Mom.  I am sorry I haven't been more punctual in keeping you all posted.  What do you say, what do you report.


Last Weds. mom entered her Hospice journey, she is 93.  A week and a half earlier, Oct. 19th, she had a "mild stroke" which took from her any real speech.  She was assigned to voice, and other therapy options.  The following weekend the Lord told me to go over.  I called her and my brother Sunday the 26th to advise them that I would come Monday. When I arrived,  I found she had experienced a 2nd stroke.  Monday afternoon Karen and I saw Mom and she was quite disoriented (even from Sunday I'm told) and everyone was surprised.   Tuesday morning she was worse yet.  We met with her doctor who advised us she was going downward rapidly and we needed to brace ourselves for that fact.  He advised he would seek a Hospice evaluation which would give her much better comfort and care.  What a shock.


That afternoon she experienced another stroke and Weds. she easily qualified for Hospice.  Karen and I returned home Friday and Monday returned to Mom, Bringing Jessica who wanted to see her.  Jess flew home Tuesday and Karen and I have remained standing watch with my brother John and my niece (John's daughter).  


These things are totally unpredictable so we wait hour by hour, day by day.  I don't know if you can understand this but It has been a wonderful experience for us all, as well as agonizing.   I have been reading mom (and I suppose all of us present) scripture.  I know it comforts.  I remember Bp. Lilly telling me of his out of body experience when he died on the operating table and saw heaven.  He says everyone was speaking scripture.  Jesus often answered with scripture.  So I am sharpening up mom's skills.  

We are so grateful for your prayers and thankful for the family of God we so often take for granted. 

His servant and yours,

+Bp. Doug

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