St. Paul's Church in Henderson, Nevada entered a "float" in the Henderson Heritage Parade on April 21st.  A 1938 International Harvester Farmall tractor which pulled the float, was owned and driven by St. Paul's member Jerry Anderson.  The float featured our musical worship team, complete with a generator, amplifier, and mic’s, guitars, bass guitar and singers.




Los Angeles,
March 23, 2012

A van full of dedicated, pro- life affirming Christians took off from St Michael's church at 9:30 am to Los Angeles. We went to stand up and affirm our God given religious freedoms which our government, under Obama Care H.H.S., is forcefully and blatantly stripping away!

Bishop Kessler gave the invocation and spoke against this outrageously clear attack against all people of Christian faith, our religious freedom and first amendment rights. Over 600 people of all denominations showed up for this rally of religious freedom.

~Stephen Powers

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On March 23, a beautiful movie telling a compelling story about the sanctity of life comes to movie theaters across America. The support OCTOBER BABY receives in its first weekend in theaters, March 23-25, is the key to how long the movie will run where it opens and whether it will expand to additional theaters.

Father Victor Conkle’s teaching on The Book of Revelation is now available on a flash drive that can be plugged into your computer’s USB port and transferred to your iPod. This flash drive contains the entire course of 33 lessons.

The Revelation to John is not a book about helicopters, computers, the European Union or the Mayan calendar. You'll be encouraged as you discover that what’s being revealed, is exactly what it says; “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.”


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