bpkesslerDear fellow workers,

Please stand with our Patriarch, Bishops and Church in our stand for the unborn.  In this letter to us, the Patriarch shows clearly that this holocaust isn't simply about the children but is resulting in the very melt down of civilization as we know it.  Later this month I will lead a contingent of our people in the March for Life in San Francisco.  If you can't make it, stand with us in prayer and on the 16th of January, preach to your people that Jesus loves the little children, born and unborn and take up a good offering for our pro-life arm.  Please be faithful in your own obedience and renew your yearly membership to CEC for life.  

Yours servant and His,
Bishop +Doug

Golden Gate Bridge

Hello this message is for those of you who are planning on going to the walk for life in San Francisco and for those who want to. We have been given a wonderful blessing; a church in San Francisco has offered the youth of St. Michael's to stay at their church.

For those of you who are not youth, we have found a place on Kayak called Francisco Bay Inn. It is the best hotel for the price; the total price is $99 for a room with one king and $109 for a room with 2 double beds. The cost also includes breakfast. If you plan on going, I suggest you reserve as soon as possible because there is no telling how many rooms are left.

The dates are Jan 20-22; we will be leaving after school on Thursday. I hope many of you can come. It's going to be amazing, this isn't an event you want to miss. Get back to me if you plan on attending or if you want to!

Fr. Stephen Powers
Diocese of the West
Pro-Life Coordinator


Please respond to ambercitrine@yahoo.com if you plan on attending this event and/or require additional information.

It is with great pleasure that I announce, Father Steve Powers has accepted the call of God and his Bishop, to serve as my leading representative and Coordinator for Pro-life at St. Michael’s Cathedral Church and the Diocese of the West.  Fr. Steve was called to this church and communion through his pro-life activities with us dating back to the 1980’s.  Examination of our old “Operation Rescue” film history, will find, then brother Steve, prominently featured (usually being roughed up and dragged off to jail).  Fr. Powers was truly one of the heroes of those glorious days.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of working side by side with Fr. Steve once again, at a demonstration we held (a very successful one) at an abortion clinic in Orange, California.  Within minutes, a fire and passion deep within Steve’s eyes became obvious.  While I wasn’t able to continue with the others, Fr. Steve accompanied Fr. Terry Gensemer and other faithful to the center of town (pier area) in Newport Beach, California.  There also, many reported how Fr. Powers displayed the passion, yet compassionate leadership qualities, that come from an experienced veteran in the pro-life battles. 

Fr. Steve Powers is truly called and equipped for this role.  I would ask that you all cooperate with him in our increasing efforts to address the pro- life issues facing us.  In the words of our Patriarch, we are not simply a communion involved in pro-life, we are a pro-life communion.

Bp. Doug Kessler

St, Paul's in Henderson, Nevada participated in the local "Race for Life" to raise money for the Women's Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada on Saturday October 16th.  This Race for Life is a vital fund-raiser that helps WRMCSN continue to save the lives of unborn children by sharing the love of Jesus Christ through spiritual, physical, emotional and educational support of our clients.

Between Fr. David and Fr. Jerry who both solicited sponsors for the race, they raised over $550.00 for this worthy cause.  Joining Fr. Jerry in the picture are: Fr. Jerry's wife Clara, Nick and Robyn Palsgrove with James (in the stroller) and Lucas Palsgrove, Wendy, Shylinne and Triston Gordon.  Besides sponsoring, they joined in the race for life as supporters of the pro-life mission.

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