Mr. and Mrs David Hill, long time members of Saint Michael’s Charismatic Episcopal Church in San Clemente, CA, present their new son for baptism. He was baptized by Bishop Kessler on September 26, 2010, the Feast of St., Michael’s.

Evan Matthew Hill was born on August 26, 2010, and weighed in at 8 lbs. and 5 oz.

At our recent clergy retreat in Santa Clarita, the Diocese of the West had a surprise for Bishop Kessler. They presented him with a cathedra. However, the way it came about was also unexpected.

While some of the clergy were in the process of having a cathedra designed for Bishop Douglas Kessler, an old treasure was discovered in an antique store. It was an old Bishop’s Throne from around the mid 1800’s. However, with some of the square nails missing and sections of wood broken, it was in need of significant restoration work before it could be used. It took the church sexton many months of work to restore and duplicate parts of the woodwork to its original condition. Once the frame was again solid and refinished, it was taken to the upholsterer for new coverings.

After being received at the retreat, on Sunday, September 12, it was placed in its new home at St. Michael’s Cathedral in San Clemente, CA.  The parish was very excited as Bishop Kessler took his seat in this treasure, old but now new. Bishop Kessler said, “It is a privilege to be apart of putting this Throne back into the service of God's kingdom. However, it is also a humbling reminder that I am only a speck in history. There were many men before me, and I hope there will be many after me to sit in this cathedra”

There have been several moments in my life where I can tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing. The first of such events was the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I was thirteen and home from school, with a cold, when our neighbor came running in the back door and with tears in her eyes cried out, “They killed the President.” It was an event that dramatically changed our nation. It is said that each generation has an event to remember. For my children it is the Challenger Space Disaster on January 28, 1986. For them the name Christa McAuliffe, a school teacher from New Hampshire and the first teacher in space, is familiar. Outside America there are other events – the assassination of the President of Rwanda that lead to the Rwanda Genocide, the floods in Pakistan, the typhoon that killed thousands in Manila just a few short months ago. These tragedies in some way remind us over and over again that life is fragile and unpredictable. 

Father Richard Maciejewski, pastor of our host church for the retreat, has provided the following links to assist you with planning your free time while in Santa Clarita. –For the ladies -Luke’s favorite place -For train enthusiasts. On the 126 and a nice drive. -Historical site. Inspiration for the book “Ramona” -Shooting   -Expensive shooting -Spa, very nice -Restaurant guide -Mountasia/Farrell’s Ice Cream -Magic Mountain -A big deal for big cowboy enthusiasts -Ghost town -Nature center -Castaic Lake,28290,1455657,00.html -Executive golf course

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